Integration Process

The payment gateway integration process has its different ways of embedding the gateway within website or mobile device. It depends on the available resources, security measures and features that it offers.

APIs for Transaction Request

Redirecting API through three steps

  • It is a secured and popular approach for processing customized web-based payment. This process eliminates the Peripheral component interconnect for the merchants as well as the end user perspective remains unchanged. This process is needed for accessing verified security code of Visa/ Mastercard with the payer’s authentication.

API for Direct Post

  • A merchant needs to clear the PCI vulnerability scan before using the integration method. Direct post method is an easy integration process regarding any web based as well as non- web-based payment application.

Mobile API

  • Mobile API is used for both the Android and iOS devices. The SDK simplifies application integration with encrypted mobile card readers. It also includes an end-to-end library and allows merchants for sending swiped as well as keyed-In payment information without affecting any private data.

Transaction Retrieval API

Query API

  • Query API provides an interface that merchants can download transaction details. It is also used to prepare analytics and in-house reports.

Turnkey Shopping Carts

QuickClick Shopping Cart

  • QuickClick is very much useful for the e-commerce merchants without having any IT team. It provides a button generator for creating website links related to products and services.

Shopping Carts related to Third Party

  • Nowadays, most of the third party shopping carts are getting integrated into the payment gateway. This is getting popular among the merchants for its full-featured shopping cart features.