eCheck99 Features

eCeckon stands by the merchants to make the payment process trustworthy, instant and secure. For this reason, we have come with a payment process which will work same irrespective of the business platform.

Capture deposits in real time

Automatically scans the eCheck and deposit the transaction directly into your bank.

Verify check in real-time

Make authentic payment through eCheck99 technology

Make payments in batches

Upload large batch files to process the bulk of payments

Recurring Billing

Make a customized payment scheduling for all the clients

Assured Hosted Online Payment page

Channelize online payments through a customized payment page

Virtual terminal

Arrange synchronous payment clearance with our advanced virtual terminal

Secured eCheck with a digital signature

Provide electronically signed eCheck payment for your clients


Developer Portal

Integrate eCheck99 payment service API with any e-commerce based mobile application or website.

Receive unlimited eChecks

eCheck99 monthly plans provide more facilities simultaneously with the eCheck99 payments. Receive unlimited eCheck99 through input checks as well as create Payment Links.

Access uninterrupted processing

Get rid of all unwanted and harmful transactional threats. Access uninterrupted processing service and enhance your business security.

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