Industries Served

Industries Served by eCheck99

eCheck99 is a pre-eminent online payment solution which is easy to implement virtually in any business scenario. Our extensive features, as well as online processing, enhance your business potential to the utmost level. Our purpose is to make you succeed in your business. Usually, we use to serve the following industries.



Instant collection from clients in a secure way


Credit Repair


Cater client’s need for simple and reliable payment processing


Digital Products


Enhance profitability and make your check processing simple


Loan modification


Reduce extra chargeback by working with the customers directly

Payday Loan


Help your customers through the service of eCheck99


Merchant Cash Advance


Let other businesses give the chance to grow as well as ensure your business profitability

Travel Agencies


Provide your customers a hassle-free payment experience


Law Firms


Improve your business standard by implementing eCheck99 services



eCkeckOn ensures quick and verified payment process



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If your industry is not listed in the above list, then contact with us. One of our representatives will get be to you shortly. Resolve your query instantly.

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