Privacy Policy

We believe in individual privacy and for that, we have implemented high-security measures to protect your business as well as transactional information. We like to keep transparency with the clients and we deliver what we promise. After coming into eCheck99 you may get some hyperlinks that are owned by some third-party website. Users are strictly recommended to check the links at their own risks. We do not hold any privacy practice for those third-party websites. We ensure your safety and security within the eCheck99 ecosystem. We also recommend you to check thoroughly our privacy policy and you need to maintain your account privacy as well. Along with that, every time check the details carefully and leave the page or application by signing out properly. All the policies have been created according to the local law related to the places of our business operations.

To make an improved user experience eCheck99 collects some important information. Those are listed below-


We only need your name, business name, email id, address for correspondence and phone number. This information is necessary for your individuality and for future communication.

Your Payment related information

For a smoother transaction experience, you need to share some mandatory details with us such as- your card number or billing information. eCheck99 does not store any of your personal information. It is only used throughout your subscription period and you cancel it as per your choice.

Payment related information for customers

For using the payment service with your customers, you need to put their bank account number, address and payment amount.

Information related to technology

As a user of eCheck99 you need to share some technical information with us such as your IP address.

Process of collecting information

The technical information will be collected through cookies and web beacons with the time details of your website visit.

We can seek information from other relevant sources to verify your authenticity.

Purpose of using information:-

  • Maintaining seamless workflow
  • Maintaining better communication with the clients
  • For the data privacy and other security measures
  • To enhance your user experience
  • We collect all the information to improve your business transaction experience

Sharing information

  • When there is a need to share information with the third-party vendors or partners for the verification and bank authentication purpose as well
  • When you allow us to share your information
  • When any legal request is related to the shared information

Keeping your information secure

We know the value of your money, so we give special emphasis on the data privacy. eCheck99 has successfully implemented the security measures to secure your personal information as well as payment information of the customer. It also includes secure SSL communication, data encryption and data center usage with a built-in firewall as well as 24/7 security monitoring. eCheck99 can change or modify its privacy policy from time to time due to the change in service as well as industry practices. You will get the updated information from eCheck99 website.

Before signing up please make it sure that you are going to abide by the rules of eCheck99, otherwise you cannot proceed with eCheck99 services.

If you have any comment or question regarding our Privacy Policy, then you can feel free to reach us at