Reseller Program

Our complete payment solution gives you more flexibility to provide an improved service to your clients as per their requirement. For that reason, we provide all the essential tools to maintain an uninterrupted service flow. We know the essence of your business, so we keep it simple, time reducing and cost-effective.

Benefits of having eCheck99 in payment solution:

  • Increase the chance to get more prospective customers through easy payment options
  • Using ACH keeps you way more ahead than others
  • Get involved in an easy revenue generating process
  • Expert customer service
  • Easy installments
  • Entirely web-oriented platform

ACH Reseller Program

The reseller packages have been developed depending on your specific business needs. eCheck99 provides total ACH processing irrespective of the business structure and size. We provide it from our end and for that reason; we do not involve any third party in this entire transactional process. Consequently, eCheck99 helps you to reduce buy rate markups.

Key features of eCheck99 Reseller experience:

  • Affordable transaction rates- unique ACH processing solution
  • In-house processing through all possible ACH transaction patterns
  • Updated Remote Deposit Capture and virtual check processing
  • Get all required tools and resources for check verification
  • Protected online transaction within the eCheck99 ecosystem
  • Deposit funds directly to the merchant’s account
  • Real-time monitoring of all transactions
  • Reseller can monitor and report in real-time
  • Control and access all real-time reporting parameters dynamically

As a Reseller, you can access the following things-

  • You can provide different check payment solutions from one service tool
  • Maintain ownership of your enrolled accounts
  • Maintain all ongoing and prospective credit card relationships
  • Software or application integration through dynamic transaction API
  • Incorporate additional revenue to your business by engaging with our partner organizations
  • Reduce overhead costs related to billing and customer support
  • Get instant online support for customers and resellers as well

ACH and eCheck Processing for ISOs, Agents and Resellers

We work with most of the leading independent sales organizations across the nation.

We promote a better partnership program with the organizations for providing a direct relationship with a dynamic end-to-end ACH Processor.

Feel free to reach us for more information and make your payment process better.

We work as an independent ACH processor and we allow the processing services through our reselling partners. eCheck99 works with different types of merchants irrespective of their business types and makes their payment solution improved as well as fast. With eCheck99, business entities can improve their transaction process with their customers.

As a strategic partner, you are getting the following facilities-

  • API in all major programming languages/li>
  • Easy and lucrative payment process to engage prospective customers

Benefits of having eCheck99 ACH transactions-

  • Entirely web-based
  • Access multiple ACH transaction types
  • Easy Customer Service Access for Merchants
  • Track all the records instantly
  • Monthly fee Settlement
  • Simultaneously manage Batch File and Storage Space
  • Full Access to XML platform